C-BERT for 100 Gbit Ethernet

The world most compact Bit-Error-Ratio tester (BERT) for 100 Gigabit Ethernet is now available. The C-BERT has four independent channels […]

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TO46 Header for 28 Gbit/s

SCHOTT and ix-cad have developed a TO46 header capable for 25 and 28 Gbit/s. The performance is verified by high […]

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400 Gb Ethernet Studie Group

The next generation Ethernet step forward to 400 Gb/s. In March 2013 a IEEE study group (802.3) has been established […]

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Power Integrity Analysis

Simulating Power Distribution Network (PDN) With new features in ADS we can now extract the PDN impedance from DC to […]

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Our technology cooperation partners

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging in Landshut, Germany. SCHOTT  Electronic Packaging is a leading manufacturer of hermetic electronic packages especially for Fiber Optic packages. www.schott.com/epackaging/english/

AEMtec in Berlin, Germany. AEMtec is a contract manufacturer specialized on bare die and opto-chips with very precise alignment capabilities. www.aemtec.com

Optiprint in Berneck, Switzerland. Optiprint is a well experienced RF board and flexible circuit manufacturer with high quality standards. www.optiprint.ch

Our Software Partner

Agilent: Develops engineering simulation software like ADS. www.home.Keysight.com

FlowCad: Provider for Cadence products: Allegro, OrCAD and PSpice in Europe. www.flowcad.de

Ansys: Develops engineering simulation software like HFSS. www.Ansys.com