C-BERT for 100 Gbit Ethernet

The world most compact Bit-Error-Ratio tester (BERT) for 100 Gigabit Ethernet is now available. The C-BERT has four independent channels […]

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TO46 Header for 28 Gbit/s

SCHOTT and ix-cad have developed a TO46 header capable for 25 and 28 Gbit/s. The performance is verified by high […]

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400 Gb Ethernet Studie Group

The next generation Ethernet step forward to 400 Gb/s. In March 2013 a IEEE study group (802.3) has been established […]

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Power Integrity Analysis

Simulating Power Distribution Network (PDN) With new features in ADS we can now extract the PDN impedance from DC to […]

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Pushing the Limits


Karsten Droegemueller

Managing Director

Creativity is a key ingredient to innovative products. To be creative the designer has to have Know-How, the right mentality and very important intuition. To be innovative is my passion.

Karsten Droegemueller
Managing Director

Karsten Drögemüller is co-founder and Managing Director of the company IX-CAD GmbH. He has over twenty five years of experience in the Fiber Optics industry at several positions as engineer and as manager in the product development of components and transceivers, in the production ramp up and in long term customer relationships in America and Asia. He is specialist inRF package and high speed path design performing with EM-Field simulation tools. At Fiber Optics Infineon TechnologiesKarsten was Project Manager of the first parallel optical link (PAROLI) in the market. Previously he was twelve years with the Central Corporate Research of the SIEMENS AG in Munich. He holds the Diploma in Microwave Circuits and Fiber Optics Technology from the Technische University Braunschweig.
He is Author and Co-Author of 20 Publications, has given presentations on international conferences and holds 6 patents.
Karsten is designated member of the technically advanced group of users in the AgilentEEsof EDA community. The worldwide group has 25 members.
Jim Tardiff, Program Manager at Sun Microsystems Inc. said: “Karsten possess a rare mixture of technical depth, program management, team leadership and interpersonal skills.”

History and vision

IX-CAD was founded in 2001 and offers products and engineering design services for high-speed digital applications for Fiber Optic communication.We have long lasting experience and unique Know How which has developed leading edge products over decades:

  • First 10Gbit/s TO-Header for SCHOTT Electronic Packaging in 2001
  • XFP Compliance Test Board kit in 2004
  • 40Gbit/s DQPSK system at CoreOptics (now Cisco) in 2007
  • 25Gbit/s TO-Header in 2009
  • TOSA and ROSA for 100Gbit Ethernet in 2011

With our engineering design services we bring RF and Fiber Optics expertise to small and midsize companies which don’t have the resources or can’t build it up.

Our product portfolio of test and measurement equipment supports companies to test their products for new upcoming markets.

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging – ix-cad GmbH Collaboration

SCHOTT and IX-CAD have a shared vision regarding the need of cost effective, hermetic sealed packages for very high speed applications in the Fiber Optics industry.

This collaboration leverages SCHOTT’s expertise in developing and manufacturing reliable, hermetic packages and combines that expertise with the advanced circuit and electromagnetic simulation capability from ix-cad. SCHOTT and ix-cad have defined a common design flow to achieve highest quality within short development time and with minimum use of resources.